уторак, 01. јануар 2013.

When this is over (Telenor)

Intro: Am,Dm,Am,Dm,Am

When this is over,
         Dm        Am
im gonna take some time
         Dm    Am
before I do decide,

Catch a four leaf clover ,
you’re gonna need some luck
to leave it all behind .

Oh but don’t you say that only
you can break my world ,when every
part of me is praying
              Dm        Am
that you will keep this love,
           Dm          Am
but locked inside your mind ,
G          Am      Am,Dm,Am,Dm,Am
far from my heart.

Too close to notice
you were growing thin
like a slim old stash,

most afraid to blow this,
end it out of blue,
like a big train crash.

oh but don’t U know that it was
breaking all along, if only
you knew what you wanted
we’d find a way one day
you wouldn’t stay away,
G          Am    Am,Dm
far from my heart x3

Wait for the answer,
cause we’ re running late
and you are speeding slow.

it’s a soul disaster
that you were meant for me
and I was meant to go.

oh but you love the way we
used to end a dance and holding
on to all this moments
I’ll carve them out of wood
and have them saved for good,
far from my heart .

Am                Dm Am        Dm     Am
When this is over,   I'll hide away 4 good

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